jeudi 19 mai 2011

I became an enemy of society

Tandis que j'écoute le nouvel album d'Herman Dune (Strange Moosic) - après tout, je ne suis pas à l'abri d'une bonne surprise, je viens de trouver un site très complet compilant toutes les paroles de Stanley Brinks. Y figure également un lien vers l'impressionnante discographie d'André Herman Düne.

Avant peut-être de l'exploiter plus avant sur ce blog, je vous propose d'abord quelques éléments biographiques, tels qu'André nous les livre, sur la pochette de Dank U d'une part (que je trouvais tantôt au Rough Trade West), puis dans la chanson fondatrice "Stanley Brinks".

Après tout il sont rares, tant AHD boude les interviews
(et les sessions acoustiques, d'ailleurs ^_^)

I was born in Paris. My Mother was swedish but she had lived in Uganda and America. My Father was moroccan, he was a physician but he played the guitar. Soon i started singing in Spanish and English, with my little brother. In high school i took italian, my hair turned black, i started playing the straight horn and i grow a beard.
There were a few girls who liked me but i just didn’t know. I roamed suburban streets at night with Simon and Sam and only drank coffee. I also watched a lot of television and fought for the remote with my little sister.
Then i went to New York City on my own, talked to strangers, heard Ish Marquez sing, and learned about people and things. I quit reading and started making a living out of writing songs and playing shows.
One morning in 2006 i had a beer with my friend dominic in Berlin and he suggested that i call myself Stan : i immediately thought that was a very good idea. Europe was still a rather free country, you could do whatever you wanted.

La chanson maintenant, qui reprend certains des éléments ci-dessus:

In the summer of nineteen seventy-three
A boy was born and that boy was me
Born with blue eyes and blond hair
And relatives and origins everywhere

My mother was quiet and educated
She travelled the world, she studied and painted
She used the french that she was reading
And never made it back to sweden

My father was a doctor but he played the guitar
On the day that you are born, you know who you are
He gave me the name of my late grandfather
One goes down and up comes the other

When i was a younger man i drank a lot of coffee
I studied biology and philosophy
The only thing i learned was what no one said to me
You better live now and stop getting ready

I played in a band, we toured the old world
The shows were exciting, fun and unheard
I loved the spirit, i loved the UK
And chilling with my friends by the side of the highway

I loved the movies, i loved the ocean
I liked the idea of an orphan nation
So i flew to the city to catch up with a friend
I met a few songsters and a lot of good men

In the fall of two thousand six
I changed my name to Stanley Brinks
I turned my back on friends and family
And became an enemy of society

Stanley Brinks, Stanley Brinks
Dank U (2007)

PS: Pendant ce temps... RAS du côté de l'album de Strange Moosic.
A sauver tout de même: #10, 12

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  1. Ca alors, quelle coincidence, ce matin dans le tram j'écoutais son album Horns in.

  2. Ah oui, la 10 et la 12 mais aussi la 5 !
    En plus, écoute les paroles... Ca nous ramène quelque part en Suède ^_^