dimanche 23 mars 2008

There are a million things I’d like to do today

There are a million things I’d like to do today,
but I’ll do none of them, cuz there are a million things doing me.
There are a million things that I’d like to say,
but I’ll say none of them, cuz there are a million things said to me.

I’m A-okay, if you’ll Be-okay, and I won’t run away, if you won’t run away from me.

Can’t Stop the Journey
Can’t stop the journey now…

Cloud Cult - Million Things
Advice From The Happy Hippopotamus (Earthology, 2005)

dimanche 9 mars 2008

Working eats my Soul

Un fim expérimental de Paul Durango feat. Troy von Balthazar. Ce teaser et sa bande-son me font frissonner à chaque fois.
Play it loud...

dimanche 2 mars 2008

Being thirty - Day One

Wake up
Watch Flight of the Conchords, Ep.3

Bret: Hey, Jemaine. I've written this love song for Coco
Jemaine: Oh yeah?
- Do you want to have a listen? and give me your feedback?
- Yeah
- It's a bit long
- Ok
- It's two hours long
- Yeah. Anything else?
- Hum... yeah. ... Ok. "I'd climb the highest mountain". Would you actually do that?
- Probably not
- Well, you're sort of promising that you would
- That's a metaphor
- Oh, is it? ok. What's the metaphor for?
- For... that i'd do anything for you
- Would you climb the highest mountain for her?
- Hum, no, i see. I wouldn't do a lot of this stuff
- Would you swallow a whole sword?
- The sword... I probably wouldn't do that one either
- Maybe you should make more realistic the things you'd do
- Like what?
- "I would hang out with you"
- Oh that's good

Shower, et caetera...
Discover Cloud Cult

These moments are brief
When you can truly say you know yourself
You must lose your mind in order to find it
And sometimes you've just got to fall
So you can see the bottom
Or you'll never know what's holding you up

And this life feels like a dream to me
It's beautiful and it's twisted
But for right now, I don't want to wake up

So I guess this dream is for me
I guess this dream is for me

I'd tell you the truth
But my angle's always changing
I'd point the right way
But I don't think there's any such thing
I like to think that it really doesn't matter where you're going or where you're from
The truth is always moving
And it's always where you're standing
We may disagree but no one's wrong

So I guess this dream is for me
And I guess this dream is for me

I lost my way
When I was taught to follow the others
And I lost my mind
When I believed in the truth of my brothers
I believed those who told me I have to die to see Heaven
And those who said Heaven's inside me

It's beautiful that we all see it just a little different
We're the lead role in our own dream

And I guess this dream's for me
And I guess this dream is for me
I guess this dream is for me
I guess this dream is for me

Answer textos. Some not (today)
Answer phone calls. Some not (today)
Thank people
Tell them you're fine

Go outside
Open your mailbox. Thank People
Listen to the Normal Years, by Built to Spill, you've just received :

Kind of upset
but I shouldn't be
when things go smoothly invent problems
in my stupid head
what's wrong with getting by on what gets you by
I know it's no big deal
but why do I feel stupid when my head is happy
what happened to my imagination
how can things be so un-intense?
can I arrange to be deranged
thought I might be there
forgot the shortcut there
I know I won't be there
forgot the shortcut there
thought I might be there
thought I was already there but
forgot the shortcut there

Sit on a bench, in a sunny windy park

Visit an art gallery
Listen to an artist explaining why he's actually destroying everything he's done so far: You can no longer paint after Shoah, Hiroshima and 9/11.
Notice Picasso rejected colours while painting Guernica.
Observe the kind of people in art gallery
Do not socialize
Listen to a pianist playing something by Franz Liszt, just in case you've missed something in music.

(time to leave)
(Built to Spill again)
Enjoy guitars.
Go home
Eat an apple

Go to your part time job/hobby (Radio Campus)
Meet and train some rookie.
Eat home made cookies

Take the bus to the cinema
Watch Breezy, Eastwood's third movie as a director: the story of "Breezy", a carefree young hippie falling in love with Frank Harmon, a divorced, middle-aged real estate agent, during the 70s.

Breezy: Is it always here?
Frank Harmon: what?
Breezy : the black cloud over your head?

Listen to Frank "Black Cloud" Harmon breaking up with her, because "he can't cope with [this relationship]". He'll change his mind.

Relate Cloud Cult, Built to Spill to Alice "Breezy" Edith together, and definitely agree with them

(back home)
Change your clothes

Go to a (birthday) party in a theater
(lapin machin 's on stage)

My Parents Died Last Night and Now I Feel Alright

Party. i.e. : Drink, Dance, Socialize (in no particular order)
(on and on)
Share a taxi
Say Goodbye
Try to Sleep
Do not think

Wake Up

Flight of the Conchords

Cloud Cult - I Guess This Dream Is For Me
Aurora Borealis (Earthology, 2004)

Built to Spill - Shortcut
the Normal Years (K, 1996)

Andre Elbaz - Les Urnes

Clint Eastwood - Breezy (1973)

Lapin Machin