lundi 27 août 2007

let's pretend that it's Sunday

La chanson des lundis matins

Damn! Oversleeping again
Damn! I can't believe I did it once again

I can make it in time
if I jump out of bed
if I skip to wear clothes
and get running instead
if I get on my feet
if I skip to hit snooze
if I don't care to eat
and get running instead
I can make it in time

Been oversleeping on Monday
I don't care let's pretend that it's Sunday

I'm from Barcelona - Oversleeping
We're from Barcelona (EMI, 2007)

dimanche 26 août 2007

Sans moi

Je vis ma vie, ça va
je vois mes amis, je suis sympa
le week-end, c'est famille
la semaine, c'est tranquille
ça va

Un jour tire l'autre,
mais des fois je suis assis, je suis là
je souris et puis je ne suis plus là,
ça va, moi-même, je ne me sens plus là.
c'est sourd et puis ça flotte,
tout autour de moi
c'est comme une mer morte
qui pèse au fond de moi

Et des choses vivent à l'intérieur,
des choses vivent dans les profondeurs
des choses vivent... sans moi
des choses vivent sans moi... comme toi

Comme toi, je ne suis plus là
ça va
Je t'appelle jamais, je peux pas et pourquoi...
pour quoi faire, alors voilà.

Tu sais, je m'inquiète,
tu sais, je m'inquiète pour toi

Mendelson - Sans moi
Personne ne le fera pour nous (Rec Son, 2007)

mercredi 15 août 2007

you are far (do you exist?)

Do you exist?
La personne que je crois côtoyer, connaître, apprécier ou aimer existe-t'elle? ou est-elle une construction de mon imagination? Interrogation métaphysique posée par Jim Guthrie, un matin, en Bretagne, face à l'océan.

No matter where you are
you seem twice as far
no matter how tall the tree
i'd climb it if you'd be with me

but there is still one catch
to all of this :
Do you... exist?

if i never hear you call
is it a small world after all?
if i never find a cure
can i leave things as they were?

ignorance is said to be bliss
can i still ask :
Do you exist?

Jim Guthrie - you are far (do you exist?)
Now More Than Ever (three gut records, 2003)

mardi 14 août 2007

If I were me

"Si j'étais Moi"
Bien vu

there's no denying the evil thoughts
there's no denying the dragon's bite
while jousting all about we'll see light
and what's this all about?
are people made of people?
if i were me
i'd follow my heart
and never keep them apart
the evil thoughts
i'll close your eyes
so you can't see
the evil thoughts
that are inside me
moving in along
a love with all i've passed
on my way it's seems
i've lost the righteous path
don't breath save me
i'm living in what seems eternity
and what it will be
isn't all up to me
ya see?
if i did not
care much for thought
the ugliness world
would have been forgot
will they be alright?
it's a tale told in darkness and light

Jim Guthrie - Evil Thoughts
Morning, Noon, Night (threegutrecords, 2002)

jeudi 9 août 2007

I'm glowing !

"I took my shirt off in the yard"
no one saw that the skin on my shoulders was Golden
Now it's not
my shirt's back on
"the Glow" is gone,
I forgot my body's song
my gliding body stopped

I could not get through september without a battle
I faced "death" with my arms swinging
but in there i heard my own breath
I had to face "I'm still living"

I'm still flesh
I hold tight to awful feelings

I'm not dead
there's no end
my face is red
my blood flows harshly

my heart beats deafeningly
my chest still draws breath
and I still hold it
I'm buoyant
there's no end,
"I'm glowing !"

the Microphones - the Glow (pt. 2)
the Glow (pt. 2) (K, 2001)

mercredi 8 août 2007

here I am, out of hiding

Hey here I am
Out of hiding
Would you like to be my friend?
I think I like you
I think I like you

Maybe we could talk about music
And Georgie's crumbs
I think I like you
I think I like you

And not just for what you do
Or for what you say
Or for what you were to somebody
Not for what you did
Or for what you may
For me

And I know we've had some hard times
With hard people
Hey, let's try to make new friends

And I know we've had some hard times
With hard people
Hey, let's try to make new friends

Maybe we could pretend that
We were riding in the woods
Riding horses

And mine would be black
And yours would be white

Let's ride
Let's ride

Because mine would be black
And yours would be white

Let's ride

My Brightest Diamond - Riding horses
Bring me the workhorse (Asthmatic kitty, 2006)