jeudi 9 août 2007

I'm glowing !

"I took my shirt off in the yard"
no one saw that the skin on my shoulders was Golden
Now it's not
my shirt's back on
"the Glow" is gone,
I forgot my body's song
my gliding body stopped

I could not get through september without a battle
I faced "death" with my arms swinging
but in there i heard my own breath
I had to face "I'm still living"

I'm still flesh
I hold tight to awful feelings

I'm not dead
there's no end
my face is red
my blood flows harshly

my heart beats deafeningly
my chest still draws breath
and I still hold it
I'm buoyant
there's no end,
"I'm glowing !"

the Microphones - the Glow (pt. 2)
the Glow (pt. 2) (K, 2001)

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