mardi 14 août 2007

If I were me

"Si j'étais Moi"
Bien vu

there's no denying the evil thoughts
there's no denying the dragon's bite
while jousting all about we'll see light
and what's this all about?
are people made of people?
if i were me
i'd follow my heart
and never keep them apart
the evil thoughts
i'll close your eyes
so you can't see
the evil thoughts
that are inside me
moving in along
a love with all i've passed
on my way it's seems
i've lost the righteous path
don't breath save me
i'm living in what seems eternity
and what it will be
isn't all up to me
ya see?
if i did not
care much for thought
the ugliness world
would have been forgot
will they be alright?
it's a tale told in darkness and light

Jim Guthrie - Evil Thoughts
Morning, Noon, Night (threegutrecords, 2002)

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