dimanche 20 décembre 2009

in love with a sexy lady

Je poursuis lentement le visionnage de la saison 2 de Flight of the Conchords. Mention spéciale pour l'épisode 6, Love Is a Weapon of Choice, feat. Brahbrah, dont Bret et Jemaine tombent immédiatement amoureux.
La femme idéale version "indie" a donc un esprit assez décalé, et du charme (sans forcément être une pin-up):
On se souvient du délicat compliment adressé par Jemaine dans un épisode précédent
- You're so beautiful, You could be a part time model.

Bret: I think I've fallen in love with a girl and it's serious.
Jemaine: Oh, that's great news Bret, tell me 'bout that girl that's so serious.
- Oh, well I don't really know her.
- Oh, that don't sound so serious.
- We're serious, I'm delirious.
- Sounds serious.
- Yeah.
- That's cool. I met a new girl too.
- Have you?
- Yeah.
- One of those girls you met on the net?
- No, we really met.
- Well, that's great news.
- What's she like, what does she do?
- All I know, dawg, is that she's careless with her dog.
I'm not sure what she does, but she makes me want her.
She makes me wanna get on top of her.
- Oh, that sounds great, man. That sounds great hey, wait!
- What?
- Maybe I'm crazy but when did you meet this lady? [...]
Are you talking about a girl with a beautiful smile?
- Yeah!
- Like strawberry wild?
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Blueberry track suit pants!
- White chocolate skin!
- And socks!
- That sounds like her!

Flight of the Conchords, We're both in love with a sexy lady
I told you I was freaky (Sub Pop, 2009)

En vidéo, ça donne ça :

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