dimanche 25 décembre 2016

Christmas will crush your soul

Christmas will break your heart
If your world is feeling small
There's no one on the phone
You feel close enough to call

Christmas will crush your soul
Like that laid back rock'n'roll
But your body's getting old
It's much too tired to be so bold

Christmas can wreck your head
Like some listless awkward sex
So you refuse to leave your bed
Get depressed when no one checks

Christmas will break your heart
Like the armies of the unrelenting dark
Once the peace talks fall apart

But still I'm coming home to you

Christmas will shove you down
So just lay back in the snow
That quiet wind won't wake
What inside you has grown cold

Christmas will drown your love
Like a storm down from above
On your fading memories of a normal life

Oh while I thought to make you mine
Believing in the line
That your heart would melt with time
And though you're out with them again
Your thick and fickle friends
They might replace the love that ends

But still I'm coming home to you

What if you're done?
What if you don't want it anymore?
So what if they're gone?
So what if they don't love you anymore?

I'm coming home
Can you see me?
Can you still see me?
Hey mama, take my hand!

LCD SoundsystemChristmas Will Break Your Heart (2015)
A propos de cette chanson et de son enregistrement, James Murphy écrivait, à sa publication (= le 24 décembre 2015) :
So, there’s been this depressing christmas song I'd been singing to myself for the past 8 years, and every year I wouldn't remember that I wanted to make it until december, which is just too late to actually record and release a christmas song… but this year, Al Doyle had a short break between Hot Chip tours where he could be in NYC, and Pat and Nancy were home, and Tyler agreed to fly out from Berlin for a few days, so we all recorded this together, reserved a pressing plant slot, and our friend Bob Weston was available to master it quickly — so that means, less than 2 weeks after we recorded it, There is actually a christmas 7″, which feels like something that could only have happened a very, very long time ago.

Anyway, for the holidays we give you the previous, very long run-on sentence, and this song: “christmas will break your heart”, which is another one of those songs which had about 75 lines of lyrics, though we’ve knocked down to 8 to keep the suicide rate in check.

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