vendredi 6 avril 2018

Everything is fleeting

Cet article prolonge le précédent. Nous y parlions d'un morceau de Mt Eerie dans lequel Phil Elverum se réfère à deux peintures de Nikolai Astrup.
La seconde est "Foxgloves" (il s'agit de fleurs, en français dans le texte, des "digitales")

There’s another Nikolai Astrup painting from 1920 called Foxgloves that hangs on the fridge and I look at it every morning and every night before bed. 

Some trees have been cut down next to a stream flowing through a birch grove in late spring and two girls that look like you gather berries in baskets, hunched over like young animals grazing with their red dresses against the white birch tree trunks, interweaving, beneath the clattering leaves. The two stumps in the foreground remind me that everything is fleeting (as if reminding is what I need.) 

But then the foxgloves grow. I read they’re the first flowers that return to disturbed ground like where logging took place, or where someone like me rolled around wailing in a clearing. 

Now I don’t wonder anymore if it’s significant that all these foxgloves spring up on the place where I’m about to build our house and go to live and let you fade in the night air, surviving with what dust is left of you here. Now you will recede into the paintings.

Mount Eerie, Two Paintings By Nikolai Astrup
Now Only (P.W. Elverum and Sun., 2018)

Nikolai Astrup, Foxgloves (1925)

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