lundi 11 août 2008


A church bell pierces Sunday silence
Stray stems punctuate concrete
You do nothing but you somehow tire
Another empty morning, time to get in off the street
But inside the lobby today, passers by in the halls above
Any one of them you could love
But you'll never known, anonymous

I watch your face give away your feelings
Shapes emerge like the waves on a reef
A dark surface bending, pulsing, reeling
All up and around your hidden fears
The simple ordered rows of paper trees escort your Amtrak [retreat
Look again, they're not as simple as they may seem
The sunlinght touches every leaf

Clouds closer to the earth seem to skate much faster across the sky
Just slipping away as the upper atmosphere is left behind
You try to follow them out of town
Toward on afternoon among the tides
But the passengers push you to the end of the line
And you're slowed to your terrestrial stride

You feel faceless in a crowd of faces
Bitter for your years of grand entrances unsung
You're most lonely in the crowded places
You skulk around like a silhouette in the sun
But can't you see that your anxiety and
Your solitude are synonymous?
Any one of us could love
but we'll never know, anonymous

Glorytellers - Anonymous
s/t (southern, 2008)

[dead player]

Geoff Farina (Karate, Glorytellers) sera en concert le samedi 6 septembre à Paris, à l'Alimentation Générale. Ca va être bien.
Avec un peu de chance, peut-être aura-t'il le temps de venir à
Radio Campus Paris?

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