dimanche 12 avril 2009

I am a deserter

Top Tape Vol.15 est en ligne !
Featuring Troy von Balthazar (ex - Chokebore), pour ceux qui ont suivi.
C'était un peu difficile de faire cohabiter un invité et le concept de mixtape, on s'était alors mis d'accord sur le fait qu'en plus de la session, Troy lirait des extraits de son livre.

Je vous laisse écouter. Moi, je l'ai lu et relu ce matin. Dans "3Girls", Troy évoque Anna, Emilie, Véronique... et les endroits dans lesquels il a séjourné.
Il parle également Musique et inspiration :

All day I was in a fog, all yesterdays and the day before and last weeks and more. Then while pacing for hours through the grass outside talking myself out loud, the fog started to clear. Like fog clearing around a car. I was on the other side and a thousand ideas whipping into me and touching my guitar. Now the songs come together.

Each song cancels the last one out completely. I'll find clarity again. It's not hard for me. It's a new found gift.

I hear a noise but the sound is connected to a visual image. The muscles react to the pressure of the air being pushed but that is all. A signal grows bigger and bigger, cleaner and cleaner, photographic still. The background is fading away as the clean picture begins to fill with color. Until suddenly I am staring at a glowing crisp idea. All around me the images dance with corresponding sounds. The sweet delight of clear memory.

I awoke in the very early morning, and all around mea giant wax comb. A yellow octagon of isolation, its walls made from brain fluids and mucus. I've built myself into myself, and the angels rise from the floorboards. Just above us they burst into light. All around me glowing red embers.

It's a power the breaking of wants. It's a power, the thud inside that helps me be alone. It turns people away from me again and again.
The pattern is repeated, it's a power.

I don't have to kneel to face the deep howl of nothingness. I don't have to be naked to look over into the black endlessness.

I'll sleep for as long as my unconscious can hold me.


I am a deserter. I've left the worlds. I've broken through the fan of concerns. Clarity in all directions.

There are five songs playling in my head, they cross each other and mate, their offspring will be beautiful.

I'm not afraid to make it simple now. Just a few odd notes that have been ringing quietly in my ears since childhood, sweet little phrases bursting with an unequaled life. They are the sounds of my last few moments in life. They are the sounds that I will hear as my body dies, as my brain is spinning in recall. They will be with me and guide my body when i finally stops. And all that will be left behind me is a string of sad songs.

There is nothing to advertise when the fire licks the arm.

Avec tout ça, Troy von Balthazar a deux albums de prêt. Juste pas de maison de disques, ce qui paraît assez incroyable... Dommage, en tout cas. D'ailleurs, il n'a pas de maison tout court non plus : ça fait 3 - 4 ans qu'il est sur les routes.

Bien aimé le : "I wrote this song when i was leaving in my car in California. It wasn't really that long ago". Du coup, avec ses 25m², Joseph Leon passe désormais pour un nanti.

Troy Von Balthazar, 3EP
en concert le 17 avril au Nouveau Casino

Top Tape Vol.15

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  1. session écoutée avec grand plaisir! merci à troy & toi!

  2. Que ne suis-je pas là vendredi ...

  3. Que n'ai-je été là lors de la venue de chokebore à Grenoble !

  4. Avec un projet comme ca, il devrait réussir à le sortir son nouvel album... (ou pas) :

    2 places disponibles (pour 2500 € chacune) pour passer un week-end de surf près de Biarritz en sa compagnie (transport et hébergement compris!!!)

    plus d'infos là :