vendredi 12 octobre 2007

I love you

You're 24, you can't give up now
There's so much more
Walk out the door, People were laughing
but not anymore.

Well I heard you got caught from stealing
in your own fathers Bookshop,
well that's a funny story and if it's true
i hope you stole Something good.

You're 24, tired of dancing,
you lie on the floor.
Walk out the door, people are leaving (and laughing)
it's all a bore

Well I've been freezing for quite a long time now,
but you don't notice 'cause your eyes are closed
I've been freezing for quite a long time
but where are you? I don't see you.

You're 24, I hope you make it to 25
And then you're 25, so glad you made it
and... You're my friend!

You're 25, you're still my friend,

I love you

First Floor Power - You're 24
There is Hope (Silence Records, 2001)

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