mercredi 7 septembre 2011

I used to be darker

_______I started
__________out in search
____________of ordinary things /
______._____How much of a tree
______..____bends in the wind/ I
______._.__started telling the story
______.___without knowing the end/
______.__.I used to be darker / Then
______.__I got lighter/Then I got dark
______.__again / Something too big
_____..___to .be .seen .was. passing
_____.____over and over me / Well
_____.__.__it seemed like a routine
_____.__.__case at first / With the
_______.___death of the shadow
_____.__.___came a lightness of verse / But
____________the darkest of nights, in truth still
______________dazzled / And I work myself until I 'm
_____.________frazzled / I ended up in search
__________of ordinary things / Like how can
___a wave possibly be / I started running when
the concrete turned to sand / I started running when
__things didn't______._ pan out as planned / In case things
___go poorly___________ and I not return / Remember the
_________________________good things I done / In case things
________________________________go poorly and I not return /
____________________________________Remember the good things
____________________________________________I've done / Or done
_________________________________________________________me in.

Bill Callahan - Jim Cain
Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle (Draf City,2009)

A moins que votre browser internet ne vous joue des tours (par rapport au mien), ceci est un caligramme (sommaire) tel qu'il figure à l'intérieur de l'album sus cité.

Ah et... on n'aurait qu'à dire que c'est un oiseau.

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