lundi 22 juillet 2013

Getting profiled

"The suspect is likely a white male, in his late twenties to late thirties. He likely is not a college graduate, but feels nonetheless superior to those with advanced education, and is likely employed in a bureaucratic entity, possibly civil service or quasi-public service, from which he feels alienated. He has a problem with authority and a deep-seated resentment of those who he feels have impeded his progress professionally. [...] The suspect has trouble with lasting relationships and is possibly a high-functioning alcoholic with alcohol being utilised as a trigger in the commission of these crimes. His resentment of the homeless may stem from a personal relationship with someone who is in that cohort, or his victimisation of vagrants might merely represent an opportunity for the killer to assert his superiority and intellectual prowess."

the Wire, David Simon (S05)

(Cette fois encore, avec le son, c'est mieux... mais ça SPOILE légèrement, attention)

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