jeudi 20 janvier 2011

Evil don't look like anything

Puisque je mentionnais précédemment le morceau "Westfall" d'Okkervil River, en voici les paroles. C'est en les lisant la première fois qu'il m'a semblé que Will Sheff devait apprécier Dostoievski... ce qu'il avait pu me confirmer ultérieurement, lors d'une interview.

I'm surrounded, each doorway covered by at least twenty men. And they're going to take me and throw me in prison. I ain't coming back again. When I was younger, handsomer and stronger, I felt like I could do anything. But all of these people making all these faces didn't seem like my kith and kin. Colin Kincaid from the twelfth grade, I guess you could say he was my best friend. He lived in a big tall house out on Westfall where we would hide when the rain rolled in. We went out one night and took a flashlight, out with these two girls Colin knew from Kenwood Christian. One was named Laurie, that's what the story said next week in the Guardian. And when I killed her it was so easy that I wanted to kill her again. I got down on both of my knees and she ain't coming back again. Now, with all these cameras focused on my face, you'd think they could see it through my skin. They're looking for evil, thinking they can trace it, but evil don't look like anything.

Okkervil River - Westfall
Don't fall in love with everyone you see (Jagjaguwar, 2001)

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