mardi 3 août 2010

You think that poor is cool?

Je poursuis la thématique lancée par le morceau "Popular" de Nada Surf dimanche, en allant cette fois du côté des colleges anglais.

C'est Jarvis Cocker qui chante, et il est à nouveau question d'une nana qui cherche à être cool.

1 point à celui ou celle qui trouve de quelle série est extraite la photo qui suivra (la dernière fois, c'était facile, et vous avez tous reconnus Kelly Kapowsky)

She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge
She studied sculpture at Saint Martin's College
That's where I caught her eye
She told me that her Dad was loaded
I said "In that case I'll have rum and coca-cola
She said "fine"
And then in 30 seconds time she said :

"I want to live like common people
I want to do whatever common people do
I want to sleep with common people
I want to sleep with common people like you"

Well what else could I do?
I said "I'll see what I can do"
I took her to a supermarket
I don't know why
but I had to start it somewhere
so it started there
I said "pretend you've got no money"
but she just laughed
and said "oh you're so funny"
I said "Yeah
Well I can't see anyone else smiling in here

Are you sure
you want to live like common people
you want to see whatever common people see
you want to sleep with common people
you want to sleep with common people like me?"

But she didn't understand
she just smiled and held my hand
Rent a flat above a shop
Cut your hair and get a job
Smoke some fags and play some pool
Pretend you never went to school
But still you'll never get it right
'cos when you're laid in bed at night
watching roaches climb the wall
if you called your dad he could stop it all

You'll never live like common people
You'll never do whatever common people do
You'll never fail like common people
You'll never watch your life slide out of view
and then dance and drink and screw
because there's nothing else to do

Sing along with the common people
Sing along and it might just get you through
Laugh along with the common people
Laugh along although they're laughing at you
and the stupid things that you do
because you think that poor is cool
Like a dog lying in a corner
they will bite you and never warn you
Look out
they'll tear your insides out
'cos everybody hates a tourist
especially one who thinks
it's all such a laugh
yeah and the chip stain's grease
will come out in the bath
You will never understand
how it feels to live your life
with no meaning or control
and with nowhere left to go
You are amazed that they exist
and they burn so bright
whilst you can only wonder why

Pulp, Common People
Different Class (Islands, 1995)

Impossible de lire ces paroles sans chanter, ça doit vous faire ça aussi, j'imagine

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  1. ben c'est pas serena de gossip girl?

  2. Bien joué... Je n'aurais moi-même pas trouvé, ne connaissant la série que de nom ^_^