samedi 20 décembre 2008

Downy bearded isolation

I was listening to Will Oldham,
And he sings this line,
'When you live like a hermit
You forget what you know',
And I am once more in constant solitude,
And I'm remembering more now than ever.
There's a lot to be said for downy bearded isolation.

I was listening to the voices
That offuscate my head;
And I live still like a hermit,
And drink like the snow,
And my thoughts scatter like birds upon the hill.
But if I disappear forever,
There's something I have left
For those with ears to listen or the heart to care.
Yes, 'You will miss me when I burn'

Misophone - Goodbye
Be glad you're only human (Kning disk, 2008)

Palace Music - New Partner
Viva last blues (Drag City, 1995)

Palace Brothers
- You will miss me when I burn
Days in the wake (Drag City, 1994)

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