vendredi 12 novembre 2021

The world seems to be falling apart

Vue (ou plutôt "lue") au GoMa à Glasgow, cette oeuvre de Sharon Hayes.

"‘May 1st’ extends Hayes’ interest in the intersections between private and public, personal and political, life. These five letterpress prints together compose an address to an unnamed lover - about and around the potent pleasure and despair of political desire."

Extrait n°3 :

When did we steer so far apart? We used to stand on such common ground. We were in a quandary about the present, it is true, but I thought we were on our way to something new. You said you could see it coming into form. What was it in my last communication that forced you to vanish? I know the world seems to be falling apart but you were the one who told me that change is painful. You said we have to give up everything we know in order to move forward. Did you expect something different? I might be infected by the tide of the country, but I feel as if we're at opposites ends of the earth and I can't see the route to lead us back together. 

Sharon HayesMay 1st (2012)

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