lundi 30 novembre 2020

We discussed things

Il y a bien sûr tout ce qui a rapproché Nicole et Charlie dans Marriage Story, mais aussi maintenant ce qui les sépare. L'une de ces lignes de fracture rejoint l'opposition classique Los Angeles / New York (*).

Charlie à son fils, tandis qu'ils sont en voiture :

— If we were in New York we could be walking.

— But I like that we’re sitting right now. I like to sit.

— That’s true, Los Angeles does have sitting going for it.

Dans l'extrait suivant, le couple s'efforce de remettre leur rupture sur de bons rails : 

Nicole : Maybe we can figure something out between us...

Charlie : You’ll remember I said this to you at the beginning.

— I know you did, but these are different circumstances.

— I was anticipating these circumstances

— Mm hm. Anyway... Shall we try this?

— OK. I don't know how to start.

— Do you understand why I want to stay in LA?

— No.

— Well, Charlie, that's not a useful way for us to start...

— I don't understand it.

— You don't remember promising that we could do time out there?

— We discussed things. We were married, we said things. We talked about moving to Europe, about getting a sideboard or what do you call it, a credenza, to fill that empty space behind the couch. We never did any of it.

Noah Baumbach, Marriage Story (2019)

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