vendredi 24 juin 2016

We're fucked

Réactions post-brexit.
Petit échantillon écossais, vu sur twitter.
Non exhaustif.
(Par ordre chronologique)

Sad sad sad. Europe, I don't think the people of Scotland will be long away from you. Perhaps this is a new beginning?
— stuart murdoch (@nee_massey) 24 juin 2016

We're fucked / Feel devastated this morning
Baby Boomers. The most selfish generation. Gifted in abundance from generations before. Stole from all generations to come after.
— alex kapranos (@alkapranos) 24 juin 2016

I struggled with the EU vote, as I did with the indyref – I wasn't 100% sure about either. In the end, I voted Remain and Yes, as I always thought I might. And while just the idea of another vote in Scotland is exhausting, it's hard to argue against it this morning.
— Aidan John Moffat (@AidanJohnMoffat) 24 juin 2016

At a total loss.
— Chemikal Underground (@ChemUnderground) 24 juin 2016

This is grim.
— the pastels (@pastels_the) 24 juin 2016

I am so gutted for the younger generations of the UK today. Gutted. But so very very proud of Scotland.
— Emma Pollock (@emmaspollock) 24 juin 2016

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