dimanche 23 novembre 2008

I'm not in love with the modern world

Grande absente du concert de Wolf Parade,
ce soir, au Trabendo : Modern World

I'm not in love with the modern world
It was a torch driving the savages back to the trees

Modern world has more ways
And I don't mention it since it's changed
While the people go out and the people come home again

It's gotta last to build up your eyes
And a lifetime of red skies
And from my bed saying you're haunted, hissing in my bed
Modern world don't ask why
Cause modern world will build things high
Now they house canyons filled with life

Modern world i'm not pleased to meet you
You just bring me down

Dans le même esprit, très "développement durable", on peut également citer cette chanson de Modest Mouse :

When I can work out how it was
Then I'll tell you
TV stained my memories, yeah
I don't fit the shoes...

Remember through sounds
Remember through smells
Remember through colors
Remember through towns
With fear and fascination
On what was here
And what's replacing them now

Interchange plaza malls
And crowded chain restaurants
More housing developments go up
Named after the things they replace

So welcome to Minnow Brook
And welcome to Shady Space
And it all seems a little abrupt
No I don't like this change of pace

Modest Mouse - Novocain Stain
This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About (Up, 1996)

Wolf Parade - Modern World
Apologies To The Queen Mary (Sub Pop, 2004)

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