lundi 27 avril 2020

He preferred it for her

Révisons nos classiques: aujourd'hui "Barry Lyndon".
Le personnage ne portera ce nom qu'après s'être uni avec la comtesse de Lyndon... dont il se désintéressera vite. Le narrateur expose à cette occasion une conception du rôle de la femme vieille de 250 ans, mais finalement encore très répandue.

Her Ladyship and Barry lived, after a while, pretty separate. She preferred quiet, or to say the truth, he preferred it for her, being a great friend to a modest and tranquil behaviour in woman.

Besides, she was a mother, and would have great comfort in the dressing, educating and dandling of their little Bryan. For whose sake it was fit, Barry believed that she should give up the pleasures and frivolities of the world leaving that part of the duty of every family of distinction to be performed by him.

Barry Lyndon, Stanley Kubrick (1975)

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