dimanche 24 octobre 2021

The second life is calling

[Photo : JMA]

Entre deux vagues de COVID, un élan d'optimisme me poussa à  prendre des billets pour assister au retour d'Arab Strap sur ses terres, à savoir à Glasgow ! Ma cote d'amour du groupe étant ce qu'elle est, et leur album étant une telle réussite, ça ne pouvait être que formidable !

Comme on pouvait s'y attendre, Aidan Moffat a fait son entrée sur scène sur le beat du sompteux "the turning of our bones"

I don't give a fuck about the past, our glory days gone by
All I care about right now is that wee mole inside your thigh
And my confidence might crumble but my brio is unbroken
Let me loosen all your knots
Let our bodies be awoken
It's been another seven years
It's showing round the eyes
Another seven years entombed in lethargy and lies
But let's dig out our old clothes and prepare for celebration
I am The Son of Sleep
All I need's an invitation

The heart began to putrify and then the body bloated
As our hair and teeth fell out, we did our best to be devoted
But let's squeeze the maggots from our flesh like tiny poison pustules
Abandon all decorum
Boil us down to our essentials
We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams
And the sun, the moon, the earth, the neighbours long to hear our screams
So if Bacchus is a friend to Love, then take this cup of kindness
Just one sip, one chug, one kiss could cure us of our blindness
Hear my wanton whispers
My loud, intemperate plea
We've been down among the dead men,
now you're coming up with me

Dig us up and hold us high
Raise our carcass to the sky
Wrap us up in sequin skin
And we can dance again in sin
Just take my hand and be brave
We'll say goodbye to this grave
Tonight we salsa, we rave
We are upcycled and saved
We've got the hay so let's roll
Surrender all self control
Quick now before the bell tolls
Let's sing the sighs from our souls

In the long grass, underneath the sun I saw you
In Tesco with your buttons undone I saw you
Hand in hand as we do the school run I saw you
In a mask with a secret someone I saw you

Let's not be bashful
Don't be oblique
The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak
The second life is calling
Feel its pull, feel its tow!
So let's live now before we're back below

Arab Strap - The Turning of Our Bones
As Days Get Dark (2021)

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  1. Content de te relire! Cette chanson est la plus jouée par mes enfants dans la voiture cette année, sans que je comprenne vraiment pourquoi... mais maintenant je comprends au moins les paroles :)