vendredi 22 mai 2020

Strange to explain

A l'occasion de la parution ce jour du nouvel album de Woods, le New York Times revient sur la collaboration de ses membres avec le regretté David Berman au sein de Purple Mountains.

Jeremy Earl had been a father for two weeks when one of his favorite songwriters — David Berman, of the Silver Jews — emailed him with a plea: Help me make my first record in a decade.

[...] In early May 2018, when Berman wrote, Earl was taking a break to focus on his newborn daughter, Sierra, and the 11-acre spread he and his wife, Nicole, were turning into their home in New York’s leafy Hudson Valley. “I was in no rush to do anything,” Earl said in a phone interview from the barn that doubles as his home studio and Woodsist’s headquarters. “It was a welcome breather after years of putting the band above everything.” 

Still, Earl’s bandmate Jarvis Taveniere told him to write Berman back. Taveniere had been a Silver Jews zealot since he was 15, and he had pined for Berman to return from his self-imposed hiatus. Since meeting at Purchase College two decades earlier, Earl and Taveniere had been best friends and perennial bandmates. In Woods, Earl emerged as the songwriter with the bittersweet bleat, while Taveniere was the band’s intuitive instrumentalist and in-demand producer, even relocating to Los Angeles in 2018 to help others make records. That’s the tandem Berman wanted.

"Woods Became David Berman’s Band. Then They Picked Up the Pieces."
by Grayson Haver Currin
un article du New York Times à lire [ici]

Woods, Strange to explain (2020)


J'apprends de manière tout à fait fortuite qu'avant de faire appel à Jarvis Taveniere et Jeremy Earl de Woods, David Berman avait avancé respectivement avec Jeff Tweedy [Wilco], Dan Auerbach [Black Keys] et Dan Bejar [Destroyer]. Avec ce dernier, le processus d'enregistrement était même allé assez loin... feat. Stephen Malkmus en musicien !

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